Scroll Water Chiller


The water-cooled screw chiller are all made of famous brand semi-hermatic screw compressor. Its 5:6 super efficient screw rotor design, 20-30%

more efficient than the average compressor. It has the advantages of smooth and realiable operation, high efficiency, low failure rate and easy maintance. The compressor can automatically alternate operation according to load change, balancing the running hour of each compressor, greatly extending the service life of the chiller unit, trouble-free operation up to 45000 hour, or more


Energy-Efficient Condensers and Evaporator

The condenser adopts German and Japanese original copper tubes, which are processed into trapezodial low-rib tubes to enhance heat transfer capacity. The inner surface of the copper tube becomes smooth so that the water pressure is reduced and easy to clean and maintain. The evaporator adopts a reinforced copper tube with inner and outer threads, the copper tube has good cooling effect. The evaporator barrelis insulated with a 25mm thick PE insulation board. No condesation and less cooling loss

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